Our 50th (sorta) Campiversary

One night I was pondering all the campgrounds we’ve been to since we started this adventure and realized that when we got to Tucson it would our 50th campground. I started thinking wouldn’t it be cool to throw together a slideshow of all our campsites? Followed by, “dangit, I should have paid more attention and taken pictures of our campsites.”

However after searching through our photos I found my habit of randomly taking pictures of everything paid off and I was able to find a campsite picture for almost every campground we stayed at.  I also found out that Tucson wasn’t our 50th, but 54th. Whoops.

Most of the state park campgrounds were pretty nice. RV Parks were hit or miss, some were nice and some were just parking lots with everybody crammed in like sardines. Gulf State Park in Alabama was our favorite, and Florida takes honors for both the best and worst campgrounds.

Anyway here’s a slideshow of our 54 campsites since July of 2017. Enjoy!

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