Ready To Go – Again

We’ve been in Jacksonville, FL for nearly three month now. Wow it seems like forever. It has been a good time although not where we had hoped to be staying and certainly not for this long. Due to many of the RV parks South of here being full or the majority of them requiring us to be 55 or older we just kind of ended up here. So here we stayed, and stayed.

A lot has been accomplished during our stay. We have finally gotten into somewhat of a daily routine, a budget and started to focus on what’s important to us. We organized, then organized again to the point where things can (hopefully) be found and easily retrieved. We still find ourselves asking, “how’d we get so much stuff?” Such is life I guess? I’ve come to accept that we will forever be organizing and purging all those things that at some place in time we thought we couldn’t live without.

In a few short days we will once again be back on the road and on our Adventure! Can’t wait, I’m almost if not more excited than that first day we left home. A couple stops south then we’ll start making our way North toward Michigan. Taking our time of course, since they didn’t get the memo that it’s now SPRING. For the first time in my life I survived a winter without SNOW and guess what, I didn’t even miss it!

Downtown Jacksonville at night. Note the water fountain is not an ice rink.

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  1. Hey Jim and Kendra- if you are going to be in Florida next winter, a good place to look is the KOA in Naples. Good mixed crowd, but need to make reservations soon.

  2. Yeah to you guys!! More fun and New adventures…love all the updates ect. Safe
    travels,again….ūüėé looking forward to June!!!

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