Yellowstone – Day 2

Day two took us to Mammoth Hot Springs.  I don’t have the words to describe this place, it’s kind of amazing!  I overheard several tourists saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”  As for myself,  the only thing close I can compare it to are ice formations along Lake Michigan after a miserably cold winter.  But it’s not ice, or snow, it’s rock, it’s steaming hot, and the whole thing was completely surreal.

The elk resting here didn’t help the illusion, for all I could see were reindeer laying in a fresh blanket of snow.  As they stood up to leave I was still not entirely convinced.  They carefully made their was across the thin layer of crust only to have it break away leaving them almost stuck like, if it were… snow.

a few more impressive sights

Then there was this rock called Liberty Cap, a Hot Spring Cone.  I liked it because it reminded me of a tiki head!

After departing the Mammoth Hot Springs we went in search of bear!  We drove onto a one way (no turning back) unpaved, extremely bumpy road that was suggested as a secret place to see bear.  Six miles on a nearly deserted stretch of wilderness and not one bear in sight.

We again saw buffalo, elk, and this lovely butterfly/moth?




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