Glacier National Park

Today marks the end of our visit to Glacier National Park.  We stayed in a nice campground close to the West entrance of the park in Hungry Horse.  Unfortunately that area was mostly closed due to wildfires.  We wanted to see as much of the park as possible so we loaded up the dogs and  took a day trip to the East side, an eight hour drive roundtrip.  We had planned to do some hiking but because of the distance and not wanting to leave the dogs for so long, on top of the air quality we missed that opportunity.

The smoke from the fires was intense at times, others were no different from  any other day in a campground.  They had strict burn bans in effect, no campfires, no charcoal grills, no smoking cigarettes outside, but apparently our neighbors didn’t get the memo!

Despite the fires, we managed to enjoy our stay.  We visited the Hungry Horse Dam (10th largest dam in the U.S.)  Checked out the local brewery, Backslope Brewing in Columbia Falls.  Oh and we got Pie!  Huckleberry Pie… a MUST DO in the Huckleberry capitol of the West, Montana!

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