Grand Teton National Park

We thought we were so lucky to get a spot at a campground inside the park and with our National Parks Pass it was a bargain!   We knew that our site didn’t have much to offer.  No water, no sewer, no electricity.  No Problem!  We’ll fill up our tanks with water and use the generator for power.  Except… before realizing it we passed the water filling station with no way to turn around.  Ahh, we’ll get by with the little bit of water left in the tank (It’s only 4 nights.)

As we’re setting up I open the door to bring down the steps to go inside and… our steps are stuck!  No yanking twisting or pulling is going to free them.  Luckily Jim was able to loosen some bolts and free the steps.

Let’s just say our first time depending on the generator was an “experience.”  Little did we know we were in for a rude awakening (literally).  5:00am came and it’s freezing, we have no heat and nothing seems to be working, we can’t turn on the generator for another three hours.  After some investigating we discover that our refrigerator had drained the battery.  Only three more nights! After a visit to the showers at the low low cost of $4.50 we got cleaned up and managed to explore the park.

It was a short stay and a learning experience to say the least but we survived and we got to see this buffalo taking a dirt bath.

A quick drive through Jackson, Wyoming on our way out.  Looks like a fun place, maybe a trip for another time?



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  1. my extended family just got home from Jackson Hole…they had a picture with that arch of antlers

    Love it out there! Enjoy!
    Where are you off to next?

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